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We invest at the intersection between innovation and culture


We invest in early stage, consumer-focused businesses with strong purpose-driven, scalable and culturally relevant brands. 



Great brands have long term competitive advantages and we look for businesses that are building communities of fans.

Investment Thesis

01. Back to Basic Needs

The past decade has been dominated by digital proliferation and hyper consumerism.


People are now craving a return to the basics and are desperate for some of the most primary core life needs like financial security, directions, community and wellbeing.

02. Romanticism for a simpler lifestyle 

The second shift we’re tracking with high interest is more emotional: a romanticizing of the simpler, more grounded way of life.


Now, as consumers look to stitch things back together and harken back to a simpler form of life, they are exploring non-traditional avenues.

03. Wellbeing 


Using state-of-the art scientific and technological advances, earth inhabitants’ lives are transformed towards more healthiness with respect to mental and physical conditions.


Digital solutions are driving towards higher transparency, connectivity, and thus better performance creating superior living standards for the society.

Investment Portfolio 

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