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Portfolio Update: JustPark acquired by ParkHub for £160m

Congratulations to JustPark for the £160m successful exit to ParkHub, generating a 4.0x return for our investment of 2017.


We invested in JustPark in November 2017, when the company had just £2.5m revenues. Today the company has over £15m annual revenues and more than 2m people use the app on a daily basis.


JustPark successes also a story of extraordinary resilience, considering that during COVID the revenues of the company plummeted to 0.


During 2020-2021 the company slashed costs and was able to generate substantial grow in the period 2022-2024.


Congratulations to Antony Eskinazy and to the all JustPark team, it was a pleasure to be part of your journey.


Details of the deal in the link below:



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