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finding and growing new leading tech business 

Davide Sangiovanni - Managing Director 

Davide is the Lead Investor of the Syndicate and responsible for vetting deals and managing the due diligence process for potential new investments.

Prior to Graffiti, Davide invested in European and American companies with the Qatar Investment Fund and Hexagon Partners. He entered the world of finance with Intermonte Securities, working in the tech IPO of E.Biscom (Fastweb). 

He is  originally from Milan and graduated from Bocconi University and held an MBA from IE Business School.

Pavlos Stellakis - Advisor

Pavlosis Founder CEO of the Sigma Principal Capital Group, a London based Private Equity and Real Estate investment business formed in 2016.

From 1996 to the sale of the Private Equity business in 2015 to Goldman Sachs, he was the Founder Chairman and CEO of the NBGI Group, a London and New York based Investment Banking, Asset Management and Private Equity Group.

An economics graduate with an MSc from Oxford, Pavlos has served on the boards of over 20 public and private companies.