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We are investing in Bower Collective

We are strong believers in the urgency to tackle this global crisis and eager practitioners ourselves.

Over the past years, we have been searching for products, services and platforms fulfilling people’s quest for a more sustainable lifestyle. This led us to invest in business such as All Plants (plant-based food) and Patch Plants (Home Plants).

Today, I am happy to share our investment in — a company aiming to revolutionise household products, starting with the cleaning aisle and part of the #plastic free movement.

Bower is a home cleaning and personal care subscription company, delivering products in refillable and reusable packaging, with a sustainable mission to eliminate plastic waste.

Home care products are often a synonymous of plastic and waste. The average UK household produce over 24kg of non-food plastic waste annually.

Millennials and Gen Z are looking for clean alternatives to the old and dated cleaning and home care brands and Bower Collectives vision is a world without plastic wasted in which everyone lives a more sustainable life.

The recent IPO of the Honest Company (a $1.6bn company) and the strong growth of sustainable home care companies like Grove Collaborative or My Laundress (acquired by Unilever) show the opportunity to share a strong social mission with growth and financial success.

We are looking forward to work with Nick and Marcus in the years to come.


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