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Unicorns 2023: founders analysis

In 2023 just 7 unicorns (with 18 founders) have been created in Europe, of which 5 in Artificial Intelligence and two in climate tech.

The analysis of the 2023 unicorn founders cohort show extraordinary academic skills, plus previous experience at top companies:

-      Of the 18 funders, 12 of them (67%) have a PHD or a Master;

-      All the 18 founders went to university;

-      WOW case: The Mistral AI funding team has previous experiences at Facebook (2 founders) and DeepMind (1 founder);

-      45% of unicorn founders in 2023 are Germans (nationality);

-      2 of the new unicorns have been founded by solo founder (Quintexa and DeepL);

-      average founding team per unicorn: 2.6 founders;

-      just 1 of the 18 founders is a female founder;

-      Blue chip companies like Mckinsey, Microsoft, EY and BAE are some of the previous employers of the other founders;

-      London-based AI outfit Quantexa is the only UK firm to fetch new unicorn status after raising $129m in April.

- bottom line: the bar is higher than ever to become a Unicorn.


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