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In Fintech employees productivity is the key for profitability

-       Employees productivity is the key to improve the profitability of the fintech sector and Revenues per Employees is a key driver;

-       Not surprising the companies with the highest EBITDA margin are the ones with the highest revenues per employee;

-       Of the top 50 UK fintech companies, just 15 have a positive EBITDA Margin, while the remaining 35 are still loss making;

-       The median Revenues per employees of the 15 profitable fintech companies is £205,000;

-       Differently, for the remaining unprofitable companies the Revenues per employee is just £89,000;

-       Best in class: OakNorth generated in 2023 a stunning 64% EBITDA Margin and the revenues per employee is £1,300,000;

-       Monzo, Revolut and Starling have similar employees’ productivity, with Revenues per employee of around £200,000.


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