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Why we are investing in Moneybox

Moneybox is on a mission to help everyone save and invest for their future.

Founded in 2015 and launched in 2016, the company has experienced rapid growth and now counts more than 450,000 customers and a team of 120 people. At launch, Moneybox offered users the chance to invest the spare change from daily card purchases into a Stocks & Shares ISA; it now offers a range of saving and investment products including Lifetime ISAs and Pensions. Customers can set money aside in the way that suits them best using round ups, regular deposits or one-off payments, whilst popular tools such as the Time Machine help them keep their savings on track.

Each week thousands of people open accounts with Moneybox, and together customers deposit more than €110 million onto the platform every month. With customer growth of about 121% year on year, Moneybox is currently growing faster than some of the biggest names in UK wealth management.

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