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Why we are investing in Freetrade

Through a transaction on the secondary market we invested in Freetrade;

  • In his book Zero to One, Peter Thiel, the legendary Silicon Valley investor, advise to invest just in companies that have a product that is at least 10.0x better than the second best;

  • FreeTrade app is 100.0x better than the existing trading platforms in the UK market;

  • Its free! It allowed people to trade UK and US stocks and EFT for free;

  • Its going to disrupt banks and existing trading platform that charge clients between £10 and £25 for the trade of a stock;

  • To give you an idea the cost to make a stock trade is similar to the cost of sending an email. Banks and trading platform are making 99% Gross Profit Margin from a trade:

  • Hargreaves Lansdown, 40% market share in terms of trading platform, generated last year a 63% (!!!) profit margin….

  • The trading experience is amazing and super easy;

  • It is an extremely well-designed app (and we love well designed and cool stuff);

  • The CEO and founder, Adam Dodds, is amazing and achieved a lot with the money raised so far;

  • If FreeTrade can achieve just 10% of what RobinHood achieved in the US, we are talking about a £1bn company in 3 years time.

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