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Uber First Pitch Deck

Last week I got access to Uber first pitch document dated 2008.

It’s a fascinating document and I advise all of you to read it (below you can find the link to the Deck).

Obviously what Uber is today is not 100% what the founders predicted ten years ago, but few facts stand out:

  • Since day 1 the mission of the company was clear: disrupt the taxi monopolistic market and deliver to the customers a more convenient and cheap transport option;

  • In the best case scenario, the Founders forecasted annual revenues of $1bn. Today the annual revenues are $7bn;

  • The company started small. For the first year of operations the target was central San Francisco. So many time I met with founders that before having any decent traction in London are already planning expansion in Berlin, New York and Dubai….;

  • In the last page was detailed the plan for the following 6 months:

  • buy 3 cars;

  • rent a small office;

  • raise few millions (as of today they raised $10bn....).

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