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Interesting stats: why the future will be Chinese

Last Tuesday I attended a very interesting investment conference organized by Banor Capital.

David Krige, Banor Advisor for the China Fund, presented some very interesting data about the Chinese economy:

  • China file 31.0% of the global patent applications (US 21.0%);

  • 88.0% of Chinese parents believe that their children will be better off financially than them (31.0% in US, 22.0% in UK, 15.0% in Italy);

  • 73.0% of Chinese trust the Government (49.0% in US and Italy, 42.0% in UK).

In addition to have an idea of why China is so advance in technology, just watch this video produced by the New York Times (and probably you will rush to buy Alibaba and Tencent stocks….)

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