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Amazon Key: a Key to shareholders value

Amazon this week introduced the Amazon Key Service, that will let couriers open people's front doors and put deliveries inside.

Thanks to new generation of smart lock made by Yale and Kwitset, customers will be able to choose to watch the delivery live or receive a short video after the drop-off.

The guardian of privacy and the advocate of an emerging tech surveillance in our life by the Silicon Valley giants will have an additional point to argue that Washington government should intervene to stop it.

To me it just seems an additional proof how much customers trust Amazon believing that the company is not just improving their wallet allowing to buy goods at big discounts vs. other retailers but also reducing their time wasted to chase lost or stolen packages.

20 years of exceptional customer service created such an extraordinary bonding between Amazon and the clients.

From an investor point of view, I believe the opportunities of cross selling for Amazon in the future would be unlimited.

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